Our workshop is able to machine pieces of medium-big size on boring-milling machines in accordance with the drawings. Pieces up to 60 tons of weight with overhead crane and up to 90 tons of weight with use of mobile crane. The dimension capacity of our tool machines achieves 20 meters in length and 5 meters in height and the machines are equipped with a turntable up to 50 tons with dimensions of 3500×3000.

Boring-milling machine CNC Spindle dia. 150 with turnable table max load 50 tons


Dimension: 20.000×5.000×1.250×700

Boring-milling machine CNC Spindle dia. 130 with turnable table max load 30 tons


Dimension: 15.000×3.500×1.250×700

Boring-milling machine CNC with turnable table max load 15 tons


Dimension: 10.000×2.500×1.200

Boring-milling machine CNC Spindle dia.150 with double turntable (table max load 60 tons each)



Gantry milling machine CNC


Dimension: 8.000×2.400×1.200

Lathe turning milling machine (WFL M120)


Dimension: 6.500×1.120

Lathe turning milling machine (WFL M150)


Dimension: 8.500×1.480

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