BBM and HYT entered into a collaboration agreement in order to better develop the Indian market for wheel presses and the European market for underfloor wheel lathes.
The collaboration started more than a year ago with the order from HYT to BBM for 5 single cylinder wheelset presses manufactured together at BBM Indian subsidiary in Thane and just commissioned at final customers facilities in the area of Mumbai, India.
An additional order for 3 single cylinder wheelset presses has been received this year with final delivery to the customer by the end of 2018.
Next step is to develop and market the HYT underfloor wheel lathes in Europe. Joint manufacture in Italy exploiting the know-how of HYT, using parts coming from India and knowledge of the market and parts supplied by BBM, will allow meeting the requirements of the European market.
The secret of the collaboration is that both companies are medium sized and family owned, with hi tech products and very efficient and flexible teams.

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