WFL M120 Millturn machine

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The main advantages of the WFL Milltunr concept can be summarized as follow:

The number of machines involved in the machining process is drastically reduced.
Queuing up in front of machines or transportation from one machine to the next is
reduced to a minimum. Work scheduling and planning is extremely simplified. The costconsuming
stock piling of semi-finished parts is reduced.
Set-up times for MILLTURNS are usually less than 30 min when changing to another
clamping or part. Expensive and complicated fixtures are not necessary. Due to the
enormous technological capabilities, MILLTURN’s offers more creative possibilities in the
customer’s design department.
Decreasing set-up times are equivalent to a significant increase in productive hours.
The reduction of the number of machines involved in the production process
automatically reduces personnel requirements for operation, inspection, part transport
and work scheduling. The complete machining process combines formerly individual
processes in just one operation with a now comparatively longer task time, which makes
it possible for operators to work on several machines.
As opposed to single-process machining where workpieces have to be clamped several
times, complete machining saves clamping time and costs and at the same time avoids
clamping and adjustment errors”


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